Crossroads.. Every man and woman comes to this point at least once or twice in his or her life. The point of no longer having “all the answers”. No longer being able to predict and plan your next move without the slightest hint of worry or stress.. These crossroads come without warning and you just never know what the damage of a wrong turn could bring. Could be life or death.. Could be facing your biggest fears coming alive.. Could be your biggest triumph or biggest failure, depending on your choice.  I would most definitely agree with anyone who believed that it was all of the above. Whatever it may be. Whatever choice you make.. Just go with it, and never look back. Give that shit EVERYTHING you got because you just never know if you’ll get the opportunity again. And trust me when I was that “what if” can be a pain that will never leave your side. Even if you take the wrong road. Make the wrong choice. FAIL…. At least you can live on and move forward knowing that you gave it every ounce of effort you had and did not leave anything behind. Just thought id remind everyone reading this tonight. Dont ever sell yourself short my friends. All or nothing mentality.


Love in reality

Love in reality is having patience when your partner has none.

Love in reality is accepting differences you may not totally agree with.

Love in reality is staying up all night on little or no sleep for your partner.

Love in reality is buying Christmas presents for kids that arent yours, just to see a smile or two.

Love in reality is dropping an arguement even when you know you’re right.

Love in reality is being your partner’s number one supporter in all of their dreams and aspirations.

Love in reality is re-falling in love with your partner over and over.

Love in reality is pushing your partner to strive for the absolute best of their potential.

Love in reality is far from a fairy tale.

Love in reality is certainly a battlefield.

If you’re ever loved in reality

Never allow them to love alone.




Just take a minute..close your eyes if you have to.. Now just imagine a world, very different from the world we live in. A world with a “people helping people” mind frame instead of a close-minded every man for themselves mentality. A world where people actually came together and united for more than just a tragedy. A world where how much money you currently have, doesnt impact your happiness or view on life…no more unnecessary poverty or hunger among those close enough to be considered our neighbor. Good deeds with only the expectation of receiving a smile and a thank you back… Now open your eyes. To most, this may seem pretty “impossible”, but with enough people adopting a positive mindframe, I truly believe that anything is attainable. All of this starts with you and I, the world’s young adults and youth. We have much more power than we think. The power of influence. One day at a time, one gesture at a time..we can mold our communities and send a shockwave throughout the world..I believe.

“you may say i’m a dreamer, but im not the only one.

I hope someday you’ll join us,
And the world will live as one.”

-John Lennon

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Christmas spirit

Totally new to the blogging world, just wanted to take a sec and say thank you for tuning into my thoughts and daily life. The subject I wanted to talk about today was Christmas. As we all know, this is a popular time for the exchanging of gifts and whatnot. Well for at least the past 3-4 years of my young life, this has been a rather stressful time for me due to my financial situation, or lack there of I should say. Basically scraping pennies together just to try and paint a smile on the faces of my kids and immediate family. Some years went better than others, but this year in particular was forcasted to be a really rough one. Stressing out this much starting to make me forget what Christmas was really about, being thankful for those around you and coming together in celebration of the birth of our Jesus Christ. Well to the credit of my family and girlfriend, those values have been restored in me tenfold due to the unrequested help to provide my youngsters with a “happy Xmas”. Honestly it means much more to me than just to make the kiddos happy, but just the fact that they were all willing to step out and have my back without thinking twice, make all of the difference. The moral of this story folks, is to remember that these holidays really arent about what you receive under the tree, but much more about the feeling that you give your loved ones by being there for them through good and bad times. Take care